Corcovado National Park Hike

From: $105

 Departing early in morning through the Costanera road along the Pacific Ocean, for about 90 minutes to get to the town of sierpe... There we will have 30 minutes for breakfast. After breakfast we will be taking a comfortable boat ride for ab...

Celeste River

From: $31

 In the Tenorio Volcano National Park, begins the trail through the forest. After 750 yards fall of steep steps in the hillside, you will reach the famous falls of the Celeste River.This fast-flowing stream seems to tear the green hill before...

Coffee Tour

From: $60

 This entertaining and informative day starts with a guided tour through one of Costa Rica’s most famous coffee plantations. Enjoy a brief presentation in describing our famous coffee production; Finally, you will be treated to a delici...

Combo Tour. Poas, Doka Coffee Estate, La Paz Waterfall Gardens

From: $92

To get to the different attractions included during this excursion we will drive by the city of Alajuela passing by the Agriculture Monument, the Monument to Juan Santamaria and the famous Mango Park. As we ascend towards the Poás Volcano w...

Community, Culture and Conservation

From: $75

First, we will visit the AMURECI woman’s co-op, an association formed in 2001 by 10 Costa Rican women, in order to help each other economically and preserve the environment. Through several recycling activities, they produce handmade it...

Crocodile Night Safari

From: $65

Did you know the 70% of the wildlife activity is either crepuscular or nocturnal?In other words, night is the perfect time to go and see all those creatures. And there is no better place to go and see them than a Mangrove Swamps, since this enviro...

Damas Estuary Kayaking

From: $65

Instead of enjoying one of our most popular tours in a high-tech, ultra-quiet estuary boat on our Mangrove Boat Tour, why not experience the Damas Island Estuary and Mangrove ecosystem first hand -- in an open-seat kayak.Spend a few luxuriously in...

Doka Estate Coffee Tour

 Doka Estate is located on the slopes of the Poás Volcano and during the route you can live and experience one of the most important sources of development in Costa Rica: the golden grain. You will also have the opportunity to obs...

Fishing - Bahia Salinas

From: $45

The area in which we paractice this sport (North Guanacaste, concretely Bahia Salinas) is considered as one of most competent in all the Costa Rica pacific coast for the sport fishing.  

Floating Corobici River

From: $50

Half an hour from Tenorio Lodge, enjoy an excellent and safe floating trip on the Corobicí River or on the Tenorio River. You will have the opportunity of seeing birds and animals such as: monkeys, iguanas, crocodiles, night herons, storks,...