Tour Cahuita National Park - Snorkeling and Hiking

From: $58


You will visit the many unique marine and terrestrial ecosystems of Cahuita National Park; its one of the most beautiful regions of the country. Its main attraction is a picture postcard reality of white sandy beaches, thousands of swaying palm trees, a calm sea of crystal-clear water and a live coral reef. In a glass fiber boat, plus Capitan and guide, you will be able to appreciate: 35 different coral species such as: the fire coral, elkhorn and the smooth brain coral; 123 different species of tropical fish such as: Queen Angelfish and Blue parrot fish; 44 species of crustaceans, 140 shellfish, 128 identified algae. Other species such as: sea urchins, sea cucumber, lobsters, sponges, hawksbill turtle and green turtle. You can practice the snorkelling for 2 or 3 hours, in different places of the most important Coral Reef of Costa Rica.

We will give you snorkeling equipment (mask, fins and tube).


After the snorkelling, we will give you a refreshment of tropical fruits or water then start the second stagte of our tour: enjoy the diversity of the forest on a hike in the Park, where you will see many different species of flora and fauna, such as: Howler monkeys, White-faced monkey, Two-and Three-toed sloth, iguanas, spiders, Morpho's butterflies, birds, snakes and much more. Cahuita has a mixed forest with a lot of different kinds of trees and medicinal plants such as: Noni, the wonder fruit, which prevents 89 different kinds of illnesses.
The guide will make a hike through the trail of the National Park, showing you the animals and the medicinal plants, and telling you the interesting history of Cahuita Town.





Round trip transportation, bilingual guide, Capitan, 2 or 3 hours of Snorkeling, equipment, fresh tropical fruits snack, bottle of water, 2 and half hour of hiking, lunch.

Note: The National Park Cahuita, do not charge any entrances to the park. The people just need to register and give a money donations.