Sky Tram and Sky Trek

From: $60


Sky Trek in Monteverde is a system of zip lines ranging from mountain to mountain, which together have a distance of 2.5 miles of linear cable.



The tour gives you the opportunity to fly through a cable and have a unique experience of adventure and adrenaline at speeds up to 40 miles per hour with distances ranging up to 2500 feet and heights of 524 feet. In addition the tour offers 5 observation towers that exceed the cloud forest treetops providing a panoramic view toward San Carlos, Puntarenas, Guanacaste and the Nociya Gulf. 



All with total security and in an innovative braking system.

The tour starts with the Sky Tram that will lead you up to the Continental Divide and to one of the highest mountains of Monteverde.
Sky Tram is a guided tour and you can have the opportunity of intermediate the ride with short stops to observe the cloud forest biodiversity, the Arenal, Tenorio, Miravalles and Orosi volcanoes, the Nicoya gulf, and the Guanacaste plain if the weather allows it. The gondolas have been adapted even for people with some disability.

Restrictions :

1. For the SKY TREK tour, children under 8 years old cannot take the tour.

2. People over 100 kilograms weight (217 pounds) most be evaluated by our technical staff (according to his/her height and physical condition) our staff will determine if they can
take the tour.