Simbiosis SPA, Volcano Mud and Thermal Waters

From: $25

You’ll find the Spa embedded in the tropical dry forest, surrounded by the Río Colorado. Once at the spa, you start your treatment with the basic recommendation: take a natural sauna for about fifteen minutes to open all the skin pores before you are led to the place where you can apply the volcanic mud on your skin, let it dry and later wash it off by taking a shower. Then it’s time to relax in the pools filled with thermal waters for about twenty minutes. Completing the treatment with a cold shower so the skin pores can close again, and you’ll feel reborn.
Beside this basic skin treatment, we offer a variety of massages, body and facial treatments which will increase your “reborn” feeling.


$25 walking

$40 horseback riding or by car.


Not Includes

  • massages
  • transportation

To get to the spa we have two options:
Horseback riding: Take the trail by horse, after the treatment return by horse to the hotel.
Transport by car: You leave the hotel by car. After the treatment you’ll be taken back to the hotel again