Poas Volcano - Waterfalls Gardens

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On route to the Poás Volcano National Park we will drive by the city of Alajuela to see the Agriculture Monument, the Monument to Juan Santamaria and the famous Mango Park. As we ascend towards the volcano we will notice the change in temperature and vegetation, preparing us for the pleasure of the exuberant cloud forest of the Poás Volcano.

On the road to the volcano besides coffee plantations, we will also see fern, flower and strawberry farms along the way.

At the Volcano we will not only have time to admire the impressive main crater with its sulfur fumaroles, but also to walk to the beautiful Botos Lagoon, and to learn about the different ecosystems in the park.
The Poás Volcano National Park has an elevation of 8,900 feet above sea level; it was created in 1971 and has an extension of approximately 16,000 acres. Its crater is one of the biggest in the world and you can admire it from a very close distance.


After the visit to Poas Volcano, we will continue to La Paz Waterfall Gardens, to enjoy a delicious lunch and a tour, during which we will walk along fascinating paths that lead to a flood of spectacular beauty in the midst of tropical forest.

In the park, we will also visit the observatories of butterflies and birds, and the impressive hummingbird bird gallery.

After the walk we will have a delicious lunch buffet, then init the return to San Jose


Recommendations: hat, jacket, shoes, insect repellent, binoculars and camera.