Poás Volcano, La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Sarapiquí River - 5 in 1

From: $96

Departure time: 6:30 a.m.
Includes: Guided tour, transportation, breakfast, entrance fees, lunch and boat ride.
Duration: 11 hours.


See the FIVE major tourist attractions in only one day.                
ONE: Enjoy a relaxing drive to the “Poás Volcano” through the beautiful coffee plantations and mountains of Alajuela Province, which elevates to 8,884 feet above the sea level and is one of the most spectacular volcanoes in Costa Rica. It is known as the biggest geyser in the world because of its plum form eruptions.
TWO: Enjoy enchanting scenery in route to the beautiful waterfalls in Costa Rica "La Paz Waterfalls", which is located in Barva, Heredia in a lush nature park featuring three other amazing waterfalls.
THREE: The next stop is the famous "Butterfly Garden", the largest butterfly observatory in the world! Learn with a detailed explanation of lifespan of butterfly. Observe and be close to this beautiful insect. Relax and walk through an amazing hummingbird garden where attracts 24 different species of these birds, a few steps away is the Serpentarium which exhibits 30 of the most beautiful and deadly snakes of Costa Rica.  Come face to face with such famous snakes as the Bushmaster, Fer de Lance, Neo-tropical and Central America’s Rattlesnake, and Golden Eyelash Viper, the deadly and quiet Coral Snake. Enjoy a delicious buffet lunch there after, Second half of this tour starts with, the Traditional (Casita de la Paz) observe how our ancestors lived and worked on there rural farms hundred years ago in there from there, Step back in time and taste some fresh milk (right from the cow), from there visit the Frog Garden which has a collection of the most famous frogs of the Central American Rainforest including the Red Eyed Tree Frog, the Flying Frog and various species of Poison Dart Frogs.
FOUR: Travel to “Puerto Viejo of Sarapiquí” passing through the, yucca, (arrow root) coconut and heart of palms plantations, and embark the boat and cruise down the Sarapiquí River. Observe its natural wildlife before your very own eyes, which includes sloths, howler monkeys, crocodiles and toucans. The guide will brief you, about the unique lifestyle of the friendly people who live alongside this river.
FIVE: At the end of the trip, you’ll head back to San José, passing through the Braulio Carrillo National Park, the second largest park in Costa Rica; there is good chance to observe a good mix of rain forest and cloud forest.

Once all is done but you will have experienced enjoyed the 5 in 1 Tour.