Las Pailas Sector - Walking in the Trails at Rincón de la Vieja National Park

From: $35

At this, more or less, circular trail with a length of about 2 miles/3.2km, you can enjoy the most volcanic activity without climbing the main crater.  Here you can find a great variety of vegetation and trees, like the Elephant ear tree, Cigar Box Cedar, Laurel and the Gumbo-limbo among others.
You can spot mammals like the raccoon, the white nosed coati and the Central American agouti as well as the already mentioned birds; the Blue-crowned Motmot, the Mountain finch and the Emerald Toucan.  You’ll find small waterfalls, rapids, volcanic mud pools, hot springs, fumaroles and the “volcancito” (little volcano).

Transportation can be arranged by car or horse from the hotel of your choice to the main gate of the park and back.
The National Park only may be entered by foot. The park is closed on Mondays.


The entrance at the National Park ($10)