Canopy Tour in Sarapiquí

From: $50



This amazing experience consists of 14 zip-lines located in Hacienda La Linda, from which you can enjoy incredible passages through fields of ornamental plants, an exciting tropical rainforest of 114 hectares, as well as the magnificent Sarapiquí River, which we will cross two times during the trip. During this experience, you will be accompanied by experienced guides, using specialized equipment of the highest quality.


This exciting trip includes:

• All specialized equipment for canopy (Petz) brand, manufactured in France, including TRAC model pulley, Pandion model harness, Ecrin rock model helmets, steel M72 carabiners, AT TRAC model landyars-all 2006.
• Special harnesses for children (A Bod, Black Diamond).
• Specially designed leather gloves for canopy.
• Guides specialized and certified by the Costa Rica Institute of Tourism (ICT).
• Snack.
• Twelve zip-lines between platforms (6 aluminum, 5 wood and a 36-foot- high tower).
• A final run of 2,150 feet across the Sarapiquí River.
• Insurance policy from the National Insurance Institute (INS).