Bribrí at Kekoldi Indian Reserve

From: $80

On this tour you will visit the Green Iguana´s farm and medicinal plant garden at the Kekoldi Native Reserve that is a big rural touristy attraction Place where a small indigenous family dedicates itself to the reproduction of the Green Iguana (Iguana iguana), species that was on the way to extinction and thanks to initiatives like these to state recovering. Also a route by the Garden of Medicinal Plants will be made, that the natives by hundreds of years have used. This tour is guided by a local guide.

We continued soon to the Bri-Bri Indigenous Reserve by where we arrived at the community of Suretka, to the margins of the Telire river, place where the product market of the reservation takes place (bananas, banana trees, cacao, oranges, coconuts, etc.). It should be emphasized that these products in their totality are organic. After coexisting with the neighbours, you will enjoy some fresh tropical fruits snack (watermelon, pineapple, mango, melon, maracuya, papaya, etc.)
Finally, a typical « talamanqueño » lunch, based on rice with species and vegetables, beans, salad with banana vinegar, fried green banana, fried pig or chicken in sauce, fried sweet banana, coffee and dessert, will be waiting for you.



Transport, round-trip to the hotel, potable water, bilingual guide specialized in the Bri-Bri culture, fresh tropical fruits snack and bottle of water, to the Kekoldi Indian Reserve, lunches and policy of civil security.