Drake Bay Wilderness Lodge

From: $650

The best location for a hotel at Drake Bay was selected by Drake Bay Resort on a point of land at sea level. The cabins were built facing the ocean with the jungle river at your back door. There is excellent swimming and kayaking just steps from your cabin, as well as many hiking trails ranging from easy to challenging, and miles of beaches for jogging.


We have over 20 charming, tropical cabins available. Each cabin comes complete with hot water showers, bathrooms, porches, and a ceiling fan. All have a view of the bay, mountains and rain forest. Each cabin is always meticulously maintained for cleanliness. We also have rooms with air conditioning.

In addition to our standard cabins, we have economy cabins priced for the budget traveler (shared bathroom). All of our economy cabins have a view of the bay, mountains and rain forest.

Meals are including in the package plan, and tourist give an "excellent" evaluation of food.


Our fully-stocked, open-air bar is a great place to relax and watch the warm colors of the evening settle over the bay.

 Drake Bay Wilderness Resort offers more choices of fun and adventure than any where else in the Drake Bay Area.