Centro Neotrópico Sarapiquí

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Guests do more than visit, they are "in" for a total experience. Ecolodge, rainforest reserve, museum, botanical garden, archaeological park, library, education center,... it all comes together at Centro Neotropico Sarapiqui.

Guests will encounter the mysteries of the rainforest while enjoying a comfortable stay in the spacious accommodations of the SarapiquíS Ecolodge (36 rooms) with exquisite restaurant and bar. They may also experience the extensive 1000 m² "SarapiquiS" museum, the surrounding "Chester's Field" botanical gardens, the unique archaeological park "Alma Ata" or explore the 330 hectare Tirimbina Biological Reserve. Business people can organize seminars and conferences in the modern conference centre, while students and visitors of all ages are offered scientific encounters in natural history, botany or ecology in the "Ulima" learning centre.


The CNS Ecolodge consists of four palenque structures; three guest units of eight rooms each, and one central building with lobby, restaurant, bar, coffee gourmet bar, photo gallery, administration, gift shop and conference centre.

The architecture of the CNS Ecolodge is inspired by the indigenous pre-Columbian construction techniques of the region, used by natives far more than 1000 years. The round palenques (or ranchos) are covered with a traditional thatched roof of palm leaves.

This palenque structure is central to the SarapiquíS concept: the story of nature and its relationship to mankind. The circular design symbolizes the circle of life - an intricate link between the cycles of the biodiversity within the rainforest.