Several cities developed and prospered as a result of the building of the railroad to the Caribbean; Turrialba is one of these, and its architectural, spatial and ethnic makeup is different from other towns. Declared a City of National Archeological Interest, this town is the entryway to the Costa Rican Caribbean.
This area became the outpost of "aficionados" of kayaking and rafting. Pineapple,  sugar cane, banania and macadamia plantations, turbulent rivers (Rio Pacuare and Rio Reventazon) dot the beautiful landscape and paisaible campaign. With the only important archaeological site in the country, Guayabo Monument, and near the volcanoes Turrialba and Irazu this region has become a well-liked place of residence.
Going into the Talamanca cordillera, you can meet the Indian Cabecares and live for a day with these villagers and their indigenous traditions.





Canyoning - Turrialba

From: $65

 Our Canyoning site is located in Calle Chirraca, a small, modest, yet lush place near the town of Turrialba, which is an hour and a half east of San Jose. We begin the Canyoning tour with an introduction of our guides and the equipment to he...

Kayaks on the Pejibaye River

From: $65

 The Pejibaye River is located thirty minutes from Turrialba. This river is a class 2 and 3 rapids rive and the six kilometer section that we raft is a tranquil and scenic day on the river.The trip takes approximately 3 hours (half-day tour) ...

Mountain Bike Ride - Tropical Plantation CATIE

From: $55

This tour will take bikers through the tropical plantations of CATIE. The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) is one of the world’s premier centers dedicated to research and graduate education in agriculture an...

Pacuare River Rafting - 1 day

From: $80

The Pacuare River is ranked as one of the top five rivers in the world to white water raft. What earns the Pacuare River this acclaim is its eighteen miles of class III and class IV rapids and some of the most breathtaking scenery in all of Costa ...

Tour Guayabo Archeological Site

From: $55

Ancient stone carvings of alligator and jaguar gods, ingeniously engineered Pre-Columbian aqueducts where water still flows, and paved roads receding into a lush rainforest – all of these things hint to Costa Rica´s mysterious past civ...