Monteverde-Santa Elena ( Biological Reserve-Cloud Forests)

The Monteverde tourism zone is known around the world for its conservation efforts and lifestyle centered around respect for nature.

Owing to the area’s attractions and environment, activities are centered around natural history and adventure; possible tourist activities include bird- (especially the resplendent quetzal), wildlife- and nature-watching, hiking, canopy tours, trips to suspension bridges and visits to butterfly and frog gardens.

The Monteverde Biological Reserve boasts a wealth of diversity in flora and fauna, much of which is unique in the world, that has made it a visitor attraction not to be missed: a place where nature-loving tourists and scientists can share one place that satisfies their diverse interests.

A number of trails allow visitors to observe the cloud forest. Approximately 400 bird species, 490 butterfly species, more than 100 species of mammal, 2,500 plant species (500 of which are orchids) and tens of thousands of insects have been identified here. Noteworthy wildlife includes the jaguar, tapir, lark, umbrella bird and the resplendent quetzal.

The Santa Elena Preserve, as it is commonly known, is dedicated to protecting the cloud forest and contributing to the education of the Santa Elena community. Revenue from the preserve is used to protect the forest and to develop environmental programs.

Several trails are available to enjoy the 310-hectare preserve. On clear days, Arenal Volcano may be seen.







Butterfly Gardens - Selvatura Park

From: $12

Selvatura Park offers one of the largest butterfly gardens in the Americas, with an area of 300 feet long by 90 feet wide and 50 feet tall, a great dome structure covered by a special photo-thermic Saran helps control the temperature inside the ga...

Natural History Walk - Selvatura Park

From: $40

 The Natural History Walk provides our visitors with a broader and more thorough experience of the marvels of the cloud forest.They are conducted by naturalist guides  specialized in the area of Monteverde and Selvatura Park, which ...

Canopy Tour - Selvatura Park

From: $45

Selvatura Park has its very own Canopy Tour adventure! Our tour is the only canopy tour built entirely inside the cloud forest. In this tour, visitors will cross through the unique cloud forest canopy suspended over the forest while attached to a ...

Reptiles and Amphibians Exhibition

From: $12

 Come to our Herpetarium, a reptile and amphibian exhibition in which you will be able to see some of the most beautiful live specimens of Iguanas, Snakes, and Frogs among  many others gathered from all over Costa Rica.Enjoy and  le...

Treetop Walkways - Selvatura Park

From: $25

The treetop walkways tour consists of 1.9 miles of trails in which our visitors will encounter eight bridges of various lengths which range between 170 feet and 560 feet. Each bridge features 5 foot width and capacity of 80 people per bridge which...

Sky Tram and Sky Trek

From: $60

 Sky Trek in Monteverde is a system of zip lines ranging from mountain to mountain, which together have a distance of 2.5 miles of linear cable.  The tour gives you the opportunity to fly through a cable and have a unique exper...

Sky Tram and Sky Walk

From: $50

Sky Tram is a high technology cableway that includes a ride of 1600 meters (both ways) with altitudes between 1400 and 1600 m.a.s.l. The Sky Tram will lead you up to the Continental Divide and to one of the highest mountains of Monteverde. &n...