Caño Negro

Caño Negro is a site of worldwide importance for wetlands conservation. This habitat shelters a wide variety of plant and wildlife species, many of which are unique or in danger of extinction, including seabirds such as the jabiru and reptiles such as caimans and turtles.

During the dry season, the refuge becomes an important feeding ground for the thousands of seabirds that arrive at the wetland. The plumage of some of these birds will change color and take on a pinkish hue due to the mollusks consumed by the birds. The natural wealth here includes plant and animal species found nowhere else in the country, including the prehistoric Gaspar fish—considered a living fossil. Visitor services include information, a park ranger station, trails, lodging, restrooms and drinking water.





Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge

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Around spectacular views, you will discover the amazing National Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge (24,623 acres).You will navigate the lagoon and the “Río Frío” aboard Don Lolo’s boat; your guide. He will show you ...