Samara and Carrillo are two small fishing villages that have retained their charm thanks to the moderation of the construction (no large buildings on the beach). The inhabitants as well as the owners of hotels and restaurants have wanted to preserve this paradise.
Some four kilometers long, this beach features moderate surf, mangrove swamps and ample coastal greenery, including manchineel trees, coconut palms and creepers such as beach bean. Near the center of the beach stands an enormous old strangler fig that is one of Sámara’s hallmarks. To the south, off Punta Indio, lies Isla Chora.

This Blue Flag beach offers activities such as sunbathing, walking, horseback riding, swimming, mountain biking and boat or kayak trips, as well as various services allowing tourists to enjoy the beach by day and music and good food by night.

Located five kilometers from Sámara, this lovely bay features a beautiful beach with calm surf. Swimming is very safe, especially on the south end, where a large number of coconut palms parallel to the beach and street provide shade to visitors and beautify the coast. Carrillo is also great for sunbathing and walking along the beach. Its southern stretch features a rocky hill from which visitors can see the bay in all its splendor. Surrounding this point is a very safe bay for anchoring artisan- and sport-fishing boats. The beach has been awarded the Blue Flag.