Cahuita (National Park)

Cahuita is a typical Caribbean villa. This town has become “a must” for tourists, for it represents the essence of a culture, and the beauty of Cahuita National Park, which protects an important expanse of coral reefs.

The Cahuita National Park features highly scenic beaches as well as the largest fringing coral reef in the Costa Rican Caribbean. Various species of marine life may be seen here, including coral (brain, moose- and deer-horn, fire, rose and lettuce), mollusks, crustaceans, turtles, multicolored fish (angelfish, isabelitas, etc.) and many others.

The park also protects its distinctive plant life, both marsh and coastal, as well as wildlife such as monkeys, sloths, squirrels, coatis and many birds and insects. Light-sand beaches, thousands of coconut palms, turquoise-blue seas and a coral reef make this one of the most scenically beautiful areas in the country. The park offers various activities, such as hiking, swimming, diving, sunbathing, beach volleyball, observing the wealth of biodiversity or simply doing nothing and enjoying the marvelous scenery.