Monteverde-Santa Elena ( Biological Reserve-Cloud Forests)

The Monteverde tourism zone is known around the world for its conservation efforts and lifestyle centered around respect for nature.

Owing to the area’s attractions and environment, activities are centered around natural history and adventure; possible tourist activities include bird- (especially the resplendent quetzal), wildlife- and nature-watching, hiking, canopy tours, trips to suspension bridges and visits to butterfly and frog gardens.

The Monteverde Biological Reserve boasts a wealth of diversity in flora and fauna, much of which is unique in the world, that has made it a visitor attraction not to be missed: a place where nature-loving tourists and scientists can share one place that satisfies their diverse interests.

A number of trails allow visitors to observe the cloud forest. Approximately 400 bird species, 490 butterfly species, more than 100 species of mammal, 2,500 plant species (500 of which are orchids) and tens of thousands of insects have been identified here. Noteworthy wildlife includes the jaguar, tapir, lark, umbrella bird and the resplendent quetzal.

The Santa Elena Preserve, as it is commonly known, is dedicated to protecting the cloud forest and contributing to the education of the Santa Elena community. Revenue from the preserve is used to protect the forest and to develop environmental programs.

Several trails are available to enjoy the 310-hectare preserve. On clear days, Arenal Volcano may be seen.